Network Integration



ProActive Technology Group offers a full range of tailor-made fully managed network solutions to meet our clients needs and expectations.  

It is important to us as well as the client that a well planned and ProActive network be installed for maximum efficiency.  This implementation helps the quality of work from your staff as they will be more organized, and able to access documents and data quickly and effectively.  A strong network infrastructure, email system, and document sharing systems aid productivity and communication between your staff internally and with outside contacts.  A ProActive network is a hub for your companies key information and resources.  Long hours of hard work are consistently and methodically backed up for complete redundancy with on and off site options for protection against electrical failures, and other catastrophic emergencies.  

ProActive can help new and existing networks integrate a well planned and productive plan to streamline your business.  We promise that the final results meet and exceed the needs of each of our clients. 

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

In an ideal world we would never have to worry about having power outages, computers failing, nor would we have to worry about natural disasters.  Many businesses have backup procedures already in place.  What many businesses may not be aware of, nor take advantage of, is that there are alternatives to their current out of date, expensive tape-based backup processes.  Nowadays businesses and organizations have become so reliant on information technology, that any downtime is not an option and can cripple productivity.  This is why it is important to become aware of alternatives as time and technology progresses.  Bringing in alternatives to work along side tape backups improves redundancy in the event that a catastrophic event occurs.


Let ProActive take control of your borders so you can focus completely on your business and day to day operations.  ProActive can provide the most up to date firewall solution to give you and your organization peace of mind. 

Remote & Wireless Access

As remote access becomes more and more prevalent in the business world, so does the need for solid and secure remote access solutions. Each new entry point into a network broadens the set of threats to the security of the infrastructure.

ProActive provide's complete management of all phases of your remote access implementation from infrastructure design, installation, and configuration to server and software installation, testing and even user training. Security features are designed to guard data in transit and help prevent unauthorized access to information assets. ProActive will provide the best in remote access security solutions.

Procurement Services

Our partnerships enable us in most instances to purchase direct or through distribution from our technology vendors, creating more options for you. Whether your company is upgrading current hardware or looking to source new assets, The ProActive team can recommend the right products.